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Proposed Sessions

Session Speaker(s) Experience level Session Track
The Future of Legal Technology Education Doug Lusk

Legal Technology is a hot topic that doesn't get enough coverage at conferences.

Beginner Technology
Can 10,000 Law Students Solve the Access to Justice Gap? John Mayer

The Access to Justice Gap is a thoroughly documented phenomenon.  So is the lack of experiential learning in legal education.  The theme of this conference is "Engaging Law Students With Tech". ...

Beginner Experiential Learning
25 Free Technologies for Law Libraries Eliza Fink

Presented by Eliza Fink and Avery Le, this program will introduce 25 free technologies for law libraries, highlighting new features of the most popular technologies such as Kahoot!

Beginner Technology
The Monster under the Bed – The data you didn’t know you had Chad Covey

In 2016, Health and Human Services begin to attach a cost to organizations not knowing what data they had, and while information technology is a large component of data security regulation, it is...

Digital Preservation: More than just backing stuff up Jason Eiseman

Digital preservation is an important topic for libraries, but many librarians and IT staff don't have a full view of what digital preservation looks like in practice.

Beginner Case Studies
Revisiting the Rich Syllabus Patrick Wiseman

This session revisits a topic on which Prof. Wiseman presented many years ago. It should be of interest to any faculty member who wants to provide students with substantial online content.

Intermediate Course Management

We heard a lot about blockchain in 2017, but that's just one of several cryptotechologies that will have a profound impact on the practice of law in the near future. In this session, we will...

Intermediate Technology
Asymmetries in Information Literacy Between Law Students and Faculty: A Research Agenda Lora Johns

Anecdotally at least, law students and law faculty approach the interaction of law and technology in uniquely different ways. For example, law professors are more likely than students to think...

Overabundance in Instructional Design and Educational Technology -- Assessing the Best Approaches to Lesson Construction in Order to Fully Engage Your Students Ashley Ahlbrand

When it comes to educational technology, we're living in an age of abundance. We have any number of competing slideware products, video creation and editing software, animation software, and more...

Beginner Case Studies
Faculty Scholarship Collection and Reporting Improved Process David McGeehan

A team of deans, faculty, librarians, and staff collaborated to re-engineer a law school’s faculty scholarship collection and reporting process. The team assessed and documented the existing...

Intermediate Case Studies
How Library Workshops Can Evolve to Prepare Students for 21st Century Practice Nicole Downing

Librarians have a wealth of knowledge that we attempt to impart on students during their three years in law school. However, we are constantly competing for their attention.

Beginner Case Studies
The Redoing Project: How to use Assessment Results to Drive Change and Overcome Resistance Joshua Pluta, Gordon Russell

As new accreditation standards, both from the ABA and the regional accreditors, drive schools to conduct more and more assessment at all levels of the organization, we find ourselves bathed in...

Intermediate Technology
Deliver Results and Demonstrate Value with Agile Project Management Morgan Stoddard

Agile project management is a set of methods and methodologies that helps teams to think more effectively, work more efficiently, and make better decisions.

Beginner Case Studies
Develop Yourself: Roll Your Own Software Solutions with LiveCode Andrew Bell

Modern students are digital natives who thrive on round the clock electronic information access.

Beginner Technology
Online Learning: Synchronous or Asynchronous? Duane Strojny

Learn about sucesses and misses when it comes to online learning formats. Should class be live with actual interaction between the faculty and students or should class be canned so students can...

Beginner Technology
Visual communication is exploding but is anyone paying attention? Zanada Joyner

Visual communication rules our relationship to technology. As presenters, we know that we rely on images, animated GIFs, video content to express, demonstrate, or explain relevant concepts while...

Beginner Technology
Shaping a Social Media Policy for Student Groups Christine George, Christine Arlene Arrozal

With the onset of law students who are digital natives, it’s not surprising that student groups are taking to social media.

Intermediate Case Studies
The nuts and bolts of doing a citation and semantic network analysis of international criminal law decisions: More fun than it sounds John Heywood

This is a case study on an ongoing project to study a body of international criminal case judgments, constructing a semantic network analysis of their citations in order to show whether or not a "...

Intermediate Case Studies
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: From Slides to Instructional Videos Emily Barney

Converting slides to videos can save time when repurposing training workshops. Or it can make it easier to design videos from scratch. I'll cover software, visual resources /design tips, and some...

Beginner Technology
Building CALI Dashboards: Leveraging custom Drupal Views to increase access to member data Elmer Masters

This session will take a look at the challenges and code behind bringing 11,000,000 rows of Lesson data into Drupal Views and then leveraging that access to create meaningful reports.

Intermediate Technology
IT Leadership 101 Tom Ryan

This session will offer an exciting dive into effective IT Leadership. Topics will include, but are not limited to;

"Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do...

UNT Dallas Law Review: Two Online Journals with very Different Missions Edward Hart

The UNT Dallas Law Review embraces two very different missions in the two online publications established by the new law schools' students.

Intermediate Technology
Online Student Success is not just Faculty Responsibility Jacquie Carroll, Minara Mordecai

Recent ABA proposal to allow for more distance education in law school JD programing has opened the door to new opportunities and challenges as it relates to schools rethinking online education....

Beginner Course Management
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