Shaping a Social Media Policy for Student Groups

Session Description

With the onset of law students who are digital natives, it’s not surprising that student groups are taking to social media. An engaged student body is key to building a robust law school community and social media can be a way in which student groups interact with one another, faculty, and administration to help build that community. But utilizing social media accounts bearing the law school’s name and branding comes with great responsibility, and that may not always be apparent to the students.  Knowing how to post as an ethical professional is not necessarily an innate ability and guidelines can help foster that growth. In this session we’ll discuss the considerations and process of creating a social media policy for student groups (and how it echoes or differs from policies for law faculty and administrators) and the outreach necessary to implement it.

After this session attendees will be able to:

  • Articulate why creating a social media policy for student groups is necessary
  • Identify the necessary parties in their institution who will need to be involved in the creation of the policy
  • Prepare an outreach plan to implement the policy

Session Track

Case Studies

Experience level