Online Student Success is not just Faculty Responsibility

Session Description

Recent ABA proposal to allow for more distance education in law school JD programing has opened the door to new opportunities and challenges as it relates to schools rethinking online education. As institutions consider introducing or expanding online course offerings, student success is at the forefront. One of the biggest myths about online education relates to perception about its overall lack of effectiveness in student learning and, ultimately, student success. However, as educators know, at the end of the day, ineffective educational environments are evident in a regular classroom, but more noticeable in an online classroom. Attend this session to learn more about administration’s role in supporting student success in online education. See what an effective administration/faculty partnership should include. This session will provide a historical overview of law and online education, small group discussion/activity-sharing with larger audience, and close with thoughts about possible next steps for
your institution.

Audience: Suited for law school faculty/administrators who develop or implement policies related to student academic success.

Learning outcomes: Understand the key components of effective learning in an online environment; learn the latest research developments in assessing student engagement and motivation in online courses; understand administration's role in developing online courses; discuss direct and indirect barriers to online learning in legal education.  

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Course Management

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