Can 10,000 Law Students Solve the Access to Justice Gap?


Session Description

The Access to Justice Gap is a thoroughly documented phenomenon.  So is the lack of experiential learning in legal education.  The theme of this conference is "Engaging Law Students With Tech".  This session brings together all three themes.  

CALI has developed A2J Author to be used by legal aid attorneys and courts to automate court forms and legal processes like triage and legal health checkups.  The number of actual processes automated, however, represented only 20% of the "easy" part of the problem. 

We are at the beginning of the beginning. 

We have a proven tool in A2J Author and soon we will have a hosted space for law schools where students projects can be created, shared and disseminated worldwide.  

This talk will discuss A2J Author and other projects where law students get experiential learning by automating legal processes and how ANY law school course could incorporate this technology - even non-clinical, doctrine-heavy courses.  Yes, we will demonstrate the impossible.  

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Experiential Learning

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