Deliver Results and Demonstrate Value with Agile Project Management


Session Description

Agile project management is a set of methods and methodologies that helps teams to think more effectively, work more efficiently, and make better decisions. Agile originated in the software development industry, but it is now used by a variety of organizations, including libraries and law firms, to deliver better services and resources to clients/users and demonstrate value to stakeholders.  At this session, the speakers will explain agile project management and some of the well-known frameworks (e.g., Scrum) and describe the benefits of adopting an agile approach as well as some of the potential challenges.  They will also provide guidance and examples of how to introduce agile project management to an organization so that attendees will leave with the information and tools they need to start becoming agile. The session will focus on agile project management in the context of libraries and legal information, but agile principles and frameworks can be utilized in a variety of ways in legal education (e.g., collaborative teaching, experiential learning), so this session will offer something of value for all attendees.


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Case Studies

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