The Future of Legal Technology Education


Session Description

Legal Technology is a hot topic that doesn't get enough coverage at conferences.

 look into the future of legal technology education: What exactly is it and how do we teach it?  Legal Technology isn’t a topic, it is a skill!  Technology skills are essential to every graduate.  Without that skill, your graduates will soon be obsolete in the market. This session will explore the resources available to properly teach your students how to not only survive in the current market, but thrive in the future market. 

Session Outline

  1. How Rule 1.1 Comment 8 of the Ethics Code applies to Lawyers?
    1. What does the “duty to be technologically competent” really mean?
    2. How do you define “Legal Technology”
  2. Will I be replaced by AI technology?
    1. Intro to CARA
    2. Intro to Beagle
    3. Intro to Document Automation
  3. The future of Legal Technology education
    1. The short shelf-life of technology skills

i.Is it obsolete or just old?

ii.Is it still a relevant skill?

  1. Are you teaching a topic, or a skill?

i.By learning to apply one technology, students are learning a skill transferable to other technologies as well.

  1. How do we find a balance and a standard for what legal education should look like?

i.We need to get students to use their law school careers to position themselves for work in various areas.

ii.We need to talk to the employers that hire our students and our alumni, and find out what their needs are and introduce them to the students we produce.

  1. Adding Legal Technology to Your Current Curriculum
    1. Resources for adding technology skills to every class
    2. Class vs. Independent Study

i.One class vs. multiple classes

  1. Is online the new normal?
  1. Benefits of adding a certificate to your resume
    1. NSLT Legal Technology Certificate
    2. LTC4
  2. As an instructor, you are not the “How” you are the “Why” something is being done.
    1. Good use of classroom time
    2. Assignments
    3. Technology exploration

i.Alternative programs

ii.Regional requirements

  1. Teaching eDiscovery
    1. eDiscovery class vs. Law Office Technology class
    2. Where do I get the curriculum?

i.Catalyst eDiscovery program


  1.  Free Technology Resources

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