UNT Dallas Law Review: Two Online Journals with very Different Missions


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The UNT Dallas Law Review embraces two very different missions in the two online publications established by the new law schools' students.

On the Cusp has the mission of bridging the gap between law school and practice by providing a series of cogent and concise journal publications that keep those in legal practice and interested in contemporary changes in the legal environment apprised of the practical application of the law in various legal fields.

Accessible Law, on the other hand, is a multimedia journal that focuses on the public and access to justicem issues.  Topics are presented in multimedia formats such as: articles, videos, columns, forms, photos, audio or other media, as determined by the membership of the journal.  Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions, and together with several faculty advisors. 

Come hear from members of the founding student staff how they established their criteria for substantive content and promotion of online publishing. 

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