25 Free Technologies for Law Libraries


Session Description

Presented by Eliza Fink and Avery Le, this program will introduce 25 free technologies for law libraries, highlighting new features of the most popular technologies such as Kahoot! and Socrative, as well as a list of brand new web-based tools, softwares and apps that have surfaced in the past three years. The technologies cover a wide arrange of categories to facilitate 'library' functions as teaching, reference, research, circulation, marketing and outreach, social media, organization, bookkeeping, and more.

Attendees will engage interactively in short demos of computer tools and mobile apps that ease the librarian workday through their smart devices. Attendees will receive expert advice about how to implement these tools to fit their specific library environment, and will be given the chance to evaluate new features and updates for technologies they may already be familiar with. 

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