Develop Yourself: Roll Your Own Software Solutions with LiveCode


Session Description

Modern students are digital natives who thrive on round the clock electronic information access. While most of this interaction can take place through your school's website or LMS, this generation increasingly seeks individualized access and instruction. There are a variety of 3rd-party software solutions for every task imaginable. Evaluating these tools to find which has exactly all the features you need, let alone allocating the budget for or getting the vendor approved, can be a painstaking task. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself.

LiveCode is a powerful and intuitive multi-platform open source development tool that makes this a reality. Write and compile 1 codebase to deploy natively to Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and HTML5 formats. An evolution of HyperCard from the 1990’s, the LiveCode language is designed to be readable and as close as possible to the way you speak and think. This means you write up to 90% less code compared to traditional languages, making it extremely approachable for non-developers and tech heads alike.

This session will include a brief introduction to the LiveCode programming language and environment, a look at usage case studies, and a look at the underlying code of some example frontend and backend apps.

Presenter: Andrew Bell; Web Application Programmer, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

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