Visual communication is exploding but is anyone paying attention?


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Visual communication rules our relationship to technology. As presenters, we know that we rely on images, animated GIFs, video content to express, demonstrate, or explain relevant concepts while simultaneously entertaining audience members. But do we understand the broader visual communication concepts and theories about how our audience interprets visual information?

Learning the principles of visual communication will empower instructors and presenters to tailor the visual design of a multimedia presentation to the appropriate amount of information for the maximum retention level that the audience will have. A variety of factors affect the amount of information audience members retain, including length of program, the difficulty of the subject matter, the amount of text contained in slides, and the prior exposure of the audience to the concepts.

The presenters will offer best practices of visual communication for instructors to ensure effective reception by audiences with a variety of skill levels.

Katie Hanschke, Faculty Services Librarian, NCCU Law Library; Shelley B. FullwoodCopyright & Trademark Law Fellow, NCCU School of Law; Zanada Joyner, Digital Services Librarian, NCCU Law Library

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