Revisiting the Rich Syllabus


Session Description

This session revisits a topic on which Prof. Wiseman presented many years ago. It should be of interest to any faculty member who wants to provide students with substantial online content.

A "rich syllabus" is a deeply hyperlinked syllabus, taking full advantage of the fact that, being online, it is a website, not just a piece of paper uploaded to the web. Prof. Wiseman will demonstrate his rich syllabi in Constitutional Law I and II, which provide the students with all of the course materials, including edited cases. In these courses, the Rich Syllabus is a complete replacement for the casebook. He will also demonstrate a more modest rich syllabus, in his First Amendment course, where he continues to use a casebook.

Most faculty members should find this session of interest. Not all faculty members have or want to learn the necessary skills to create a rich syllabus (which is, after all, a website, using HTML, CSS, and JS) and so they may want to invite a tech support person to join them at this session. Prof. Wiseman delivers these materials using a content management system he developed, but the principles should translate to any decent content management system.

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Course Management

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