Overabundance in Instructional Design and Educational Technology -- Assessing the Best Approaches to Lesson Construction in Order to Fully Engage Your Students


Session Description

When it comes to educational technology, we're living in an age of abundance. We have any number of competing slideware products, video creation and editing software, animation software, and more with which we can create course content. These technologies range from high tech to low tech, high cost to low cost, highly specialized to easy-to-learn. In an age of so many options, making the 'right' selection is often our greatest challenge -- what configuration of information will make my lesson most attainable to the most students? 

Using the spearker's asynchronous, online Advanced Legal Research course as an example, this session will provide a brief overview of competing approaches to instructional design, with a focus on designing individual modules, as opposed to an entire course. The session will discuss an array of affordable technologies that pair well with different instructional choices, with examples of how each was used in the sample course. Finally, based on anonymous student feedback as well as an examination of student performance in each module, the session will report on how successful or unsuccessful each approach/technology was in conveying the information presented and facilitating mastery of the subject. 

Level of knowledge: This session would be appropriate for anyone just beginning as an instructor, or someone interested in modifying or experimenting with their own teaching methodologies.

Attendees will leave this session with knowledge of (a) a variety of different ways to present information to learners, (b) complementary technologies for organizing and presenting that information, and (c) best practices for putting these instructional design and technology choices to use.


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Case Studies

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