Syncing CRM at Colorado Law

Session Description

Like most Law Schools, Colorado Law has a number of systems in use to manage specific points in the student lifecycle.  These systems are disparate:  third-party, main campus, or Law School-specific.  What we lacked was an aggregator of these systems to allow us to work with data across systems and share changes efficiently.  Administrators and staff were stuck in a morass of spreadsheets and inefficient processes to gather and transfer data.  Process owners were spending more time trying to access their data instead of interacting with their specific processes (prospect, student, or alumni-driven).

This session will consider Colorado Law's ongoing journey to data nirvana.  We will discuss how we designed and developed our processes, what worked well, and what we would recommend for others undertaking a similar project within a Law School environment.  We will look at resources, constraints, and an overall project plan that would be applicable for other institutions attempting a similar endeavor. 

Topics:  CRM, Project Management, Integrations, API, Database Development, Deployment, Release Management, User Adoption




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