How to Convert a Website to a Web App


Session Description

At CALIcon12, Prof. Wiseman demonstrated how to convert a course website to a Chrome app. As of about the date of CALIcon18, Google is no longer supporting Chrome apps, having replaced them with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This session will explain why converting course websites (in particular, a Rich Syllabus, which Prof. Wiseman will demonstrate in another, earlier CALIcon18 session) to PWAs makes sense, and how to do it.

While this session should have some appeal to faculty who want to know why and how to convert their course websites into PWAs, it should also be of interest to IT folks wanting to help their faculty to do so. Unlike Chrome apps, which were rather simple to create, PWAs, at least at their most sophisticated, are not. [The rest of this is tentative - I intend to figure out how to create the simplest PWA possible, just converting a pre-existing website to a web app, capable of working offline without requiring any online material. I'll update this description when I've educated myself more about how to accomplish that.]


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