Digital Badges in Legal Research Instruction


Session Description

A digital badge is an online visual representation of an achievement or association that contains metadata that provides context or explains an activity completed by the badge-holder. Digital badges are a type of credential that can be accumulated across courses and displayed across online platforms and portfolios. They can be used to recognize achievements in subsets of skills that were not traditionally credentialed on their own, or to recognize student achievement in non-graded seminars.

This talk will introduce digital badges as a tool for motivating law students and tracking their progress in legal research instruction. I will define what the badges are, and discuss why and how to use them. Then I will demonstrate a few tools to use for creating badges. Finally, I will discuss the digital badge created for use with the C|M|Law Library’s Legal Research Seminars.


Attendees will be able to define the term “digital badge” and list a few reasons for using them in an academic setting.

Attendees will know of a few tools to use for creating badges.

Please note: I am able to do this talk alone, but I would also be happy to transform this into a panel if others are interested in this topic.

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Course Management

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